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For the love of our people

July 20, 2010


I just released my new art print about Malcolm X, the revolutionary who has most influenced my political framework. His most powerful lesson for me was around self-determination, that is, the belief that we as people of color should be in control of our own destiny. Check it out by clicking here.


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One comment on “For the love of our people”

When Mary and I were passing through Omaha this summer with the Justseeds truck, we were lucky enough to drop in on Malcolm’s old neighborhood, where the Malcolm X Historical Foundation has a 10 acre block fenced in that they’ve been steady working on building up. Right now there’s a state-sanctioned marker and an old street sign, the later all that’s left of the original on his old block – we missed a festival by one day and they have a lot of other awesome work going on (and a LOT of grass to mow in the summer!). Growing up in Nebraska nobody ever taught me about Malcolm in school – guess that’s no surprise, eh? Check out the Foundation at