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Friends at the Sundance Film Fest

February 5, 2008

Just to point your attention to some friends that were at the recent Sundance Film Festival.
The documentary Slingshot Hip-Hop a film about Palestinian hip-hop, was screened to numerous sold-out crowds, according to our pal over at ZapaGringo

The film has been in the works for years and those in the NYC area can support it by headin out to a fundraiser for the documentary on Friday, Feb 8th, at the Knitting Factory.
Also out in Utah, hangin out with the Slingshot Hip-Hop crew, was the Graffiti Research Lab.
Check out the piece they put together

G.R.L. Reporting Live From Sundance from fi5e on Vimeo.
Both projects illustrate how elements of hip-hop are still tactics in resistance movements, despite the music industries commodification of aspects of the culture.

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