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Friends of AK Press

December 17, 2009

I just recently designed a new logo for the Friends of AK Press book subscription program, I think it turned out pretty hot. AK Press is now pushing 20 years of producing and distributing anarchist and left political books, dvds, and cds. Most left leaning people have an AK book on their shelf whether they know it or not.
AK runs a great program called Friends of AK, where you can sign up to get a copy of every AK release. It’s like a magazine subscription, but to a publisher. I’m a Friend, and it’s great, all the books come straight to my mailbox. Here’s what it is in AK’s words:

The Friends of AK Press is a subscription-based program in which folks donate a certain amount of money each month in order to a) receive every book AK Press publishes (which is generally about 20 per year) for free, b) get a 20% discount on everything we distribute (including books, CDs, DVDs, clothing…everything), and c) earn our undying gratitude.
The funds we receive from Friends of AK Press are our most dependable source of income. In the ebb and flow (mostly ebb) of today’s economy, “dependable” is a very nice thing. All the donations we receive go directly toward publishing projects, which means the radical ideas keep flowing.

And if you sign up now, you’ll get a book bag with my new logo on it! And if you tell them I sent you, I’ll get one too! So become a Friend of AK, tell them Josh sent you, and maybe that can save me my holiday shopping, I’ll just give out tote bags!!!

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