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Ghost Bike Project

June 16, 2005

In memory of Liz Padilla, a 28-year old bicyclist killed last week, VR members created a small and somber memorial in Park Slope. The night before a memorial ride led by a coalition of bike advocacy groups, a bicycle painted all white was locked to a street sign and a small stenciled plaque was bolted in place above it.
The installation is meant as a reminder of the tragedy that took place on June 9 at the corner of Warren and 5th Ave., and a quiet statement in support of bikers’ right to safe travel. It was inspired by Ghost Bike Pittsburgh, which was in turn inspired by a similar effort in St. Louis.
We’d like to never have to do this again.

Further info: Ghost Bikes.

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3 comments on “Ghost Bike Project”

i was traveling to work moments after liz was murdered, and have been tremendously impacted by seeing the lifeless body of a fellow cyclist.
I wanna thank everyone that helped put this together and everyone that cycles, and those that actively commemorate those that become unnecessary vitcims.
it was really powerful to see people interacting with the memorials place at 5th and warren. Especially when they made connections to the events related to them by media, tv, newpaper, etc. to the bicycle and plaque.
tell everyone you know that drives a car to be more careful of cyclists

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