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Ghost Posters

February 5, 2009

Roman from InCUBATE recently turned me on to a really cool project that recently came out of Cuba. Cuba since the Revolution has had an amazing culture of poster production, which has been especially strong in the realms of international revolutionary propaganda (the posters of OSPAAAL), and film promotional posters created by a couple different agencies. For years every film that played in Cuba, weather a domestic one or a foreign release had a poster produced to promote it, almost always silkscreened, and usually always the same size, the exact size to fit in all the kiosks that line the streets in Havana. [For a good intro to Cuban posters, check out ¡Revolucion! by Lincoln Cushing]


Anyway, Roman told me about this great project called Ghost Posters, which is a collection of 25 silkscreened movie posters for Cuban movies that were never made, either because the manuscripts for the films were censored or funding fell through. Each poster is made by a different Cuban graphic artist, and there are some really pieces. It’s a great concept, and the posters are touring around. They were recently on display at Rutgers University in NJ, but I missed them. The project has a website, but it doesn’t list any future venues.


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2 comments on “Ghost Posters”

Thanks for your nice words about Ghost Posters. My name is Agapito Martínez and I´m one of the curators. By plunging into the making of this project I understood better the politics around Cuban Cinema.
Thanks also for the post because we sent the whole collection to the Brodsky Institution in New Jersey and not without an effort, for it was impossible at the time to send posters straight to the United States and just now we found out that the posters were finally on display without announcing it to us.
Of course, We´d be glad to find new opportunities to show it.

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