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Alcatraz 40th Anniversary Print

I created this print to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the occupation of Alcatraz by Indians of all Tribes and share them with the community. I designed and printed a poster last year to give away at the sunrise ceremony at Alcatraz. It was a lot of fun giving away posters and people’s reaction when i told them they were free. We wanted to do something similar for this year’s sunrise ceremony on Thanksgiving day. This year we made 300 small posters to give away to the community and an edition of large screen printed posters to share with the organizations that help make the ceremony possible.
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A colorized photograph of four young indigenous, Native people with fists raised, wearing jean or leather jackets and celebrating. In the background there is a yellow and white teepee in a field. Behind that, is a photograph in yellow of a mass of people marching with a large drum at the front. Text above states, “Alcatraz. Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the occupation of Alcatraz and giving thanks to the creator for our continued resistance and survival.”

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