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Anarchist Educators


These are three graphics of some important anarchist/libertarian educators I made for the fourth issue of Youth Liberation Now [LINK]… Including Louise Michel, Francisco Ferrer, and John Holt.


Instagram: @youthliberationnow

Three linocut portraits in black and white. On the left is a man, John Holt, with arms folded, smiling slightly off to the left. He is balding and he wears a black sweater over a white collared shirt. In the middle and slightly above the other two is a woman, Louise Michel, with cropped black hair and she is looking straight ahead. She wears a white blouse and has her arms folded. On the right is a figure of a man, Francisco Ferrer, looking straight ahead. He is bald and has a 19th century-style mustache. He wears a black suit. 


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