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I am Andy Lopez and My Life Matters

Beto Fuentes & Melanie Cervantes

In 2013 Andy Lopez was shot to death by Santa Rosa police. He was only 13.

No Justice No Peace. Viva Andy Lopez, Viva Oscar Grant, Viva Trayvon (Drawing by Beto Fuentes and design by Melanie Cervantes).


A portrait in dark brown graphic line-work of a young man who stares out at the viewer, smiling. He wears a knit hat and small earrings. Behind him, a duo-toned orange background of an Aztec or Mexica pattern of triangles and zigzags. Below, the words, “I am Andy Lopez and my Life Matters. Design: Dignidad Rebelde; No Justice No Peace; Viva Andy Lopez, Viva Oscar Grant, Viva Trayvon.”