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Black Lives Matter (parachute design)

Claudio Martinez

Claudio Martinez designed this image with the Art Build Workers as a 24′ parachute banner for the NEA Racial and Social Justice Conference in Minneapolis in June 2018. Friends of Justseeds are welcome to use this image for non-commercial purposes: as buttons and pins or as a parachute banner. Regarding parachute banners: The Art Build Workers orders 24′ white play parachutes online (24′ used to be around $100, now they are closer to $130). We then project the design onto the blank parachute and trace it out with sharpies. (We fold the parachute in half so that it in a 12′ half circle). We then paint the parachute with Blick Studio Acrylics. (We mix in the cheap Blick acrylic paint.) Note: that the acrylic paint is flexible so it remains on the parachute for the long haul. (We have had mixed results with house paint.) More on the Art Build Workers parachutes designs:

photo by Joe Brusky. (A man stands smiling in front of a huge banner being painted on the floor of a large auditorium.) 


This circular logo features a thick black circle and a green center. In front are the words: “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in white bold text. “LIVES” is in red and the “i” is replaced with a large raised fist.

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