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Defend Jerusalem

Que Viva Palestinian Libre! Palestine is for Palestinians, it’s horrible to witness this Genocide happen in front of our eyes and not be able to stop it. This is what our ancestors experienced at the hands of settlers in the Americas, it is our duty as Xicanx people to stand up to these unconscionable acts by the state of Israel.

From “Poem of the Land” by Mahmoud Darwish:
“O you who pass over my body.. you shall not pass
I am the land in a body.. you shall not pass
I am the land awakening.. you shall not pass”

“Palestinians from Gaza to Sheik Jarrah are rising up against decades of ethnic cleanings and apartheid. As Israel violently attacks Palestinians for resisting 73 years of oppression, the cruelty of its settler-colonial regime is on full display for the world to see-from deadly bombs to raining down on Gaza to tear gas, grenades, and raids on worshippers of al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.” (text from he US Campaign for Palestinian Rights @uscpr

Solidaridad con el pueblo Palestino!

The designs you see here were created in collaboration and in solidarity with organizers to give out at May 15th All Out For Palestine (in SF) march. They were screen printed as fabric patches and will be given out with safety pins attached so that people can wear them or affix them to a bag or other items.

We made our screens using a vinyl stencil cutter. If you have one and want to use it for this purpose but need help figuring it out just let us know.