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Everyone Loves Someone Who Had An Abortion

Micah Bazant

Created in 2020 for the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade by Micah Bazant, Kenya Martin, Jasmine Burnett, Bianca Campbell, Adwoa B. Agyepong and Kemi Alabi with Forward Together and National Network of Abortion Funds. Words originally by Renee Bracey Sherman, used with permission. Originally painted in acrylic on paper. We worked with Abortion Care Network to send these posters to hundreds of clinics across the US.


Painting of 3 generations of Black women surrounded by love, flowers, birds and plants, with text: “Everyone Loves Someone Who Had An Abortion” against a purple background. The grandmother is braiding stars into the mother’s hair and more stars float down into the palm of the smiling granddaughter.

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