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Fight for my future/Lucha por mi futuro graphics

The kids’ portraits are my attempt at creating some graphics for the Climate Strike on September 20th, but to also use for Climate Crisis protest in general. I spend a lot of time listening to climate podcasts while I work and I’ve been trying to figure out a path of activism through the overwhelm. There is a lot of back and forth in the climate Twitter-world, for example, about messaging: “Don’t talk about polar bears”; “Focus on future generations”; “Don’t focus on future generations,” etc, etc. But in my perspective, this crisis is so all-encompassing that really any topic that can be personal for some part of the population is related to the fundamental shifts we are facing.


Nine portraits of diverse children rendered in black and white digital line-drawing. In each the text either states: “FIGHT FOR MY FUTURE,” “LUCHA POR MI FUTURO,” or “We are GOING TO BUILD SOMETHING BETTER TOGETHER.” With the hashtags: #GlobalClimateStrike2019 and #fridaysforfuture.


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