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Fist-Aid Kit

Josh MacPhee & Justseeds Collaboration

For years now I’ve wanted to take the hundreds of free graphics from Faviana and my book Reproduce and Revolt and put them up here for people to use. Unfortunately that takes a lot of time and energy, which is hard to find these days. But as a move in that direction, I’ve taken all the fists from the book, as well as another 30 or so more, and created this “Fist Kit.” In the zipped file are 75 different fist graphics, all large (at least 8″ tall) and high res.

I’ve done my best to annotate the fists via file name, so each one is labeled by either the country it is from, the artist’s name if I knew it, or the movement it came from. I’m hoping this can become part of any designer’s digital protest toolkit.

For a nice history of the graphic use of the raised fist, read Lincoln Cushing’s “A Brief History of the Clenched Fist Image.”


A red and white left-hand fist in the air with a broken shackle on its wrist made in a bold graphic style. A pink line outlines the entire graphic.

A bright electric-blue line drawing of an arm and fist in the air, drawn in a cartoon style. The hand has long pointy fingernails.

A bright pink outlined left-hand fist, drawn in a stylized manner. Fingers are very rounded while corners of fingernails and corners at the wrist are very angular.

A bright kelly green colored-fist which has a many-photocopied look to it. The shaded areas are rough and dirty, with some remnants of half-tone texture.

A light blue drawing of Lady Liberty. Her head recedes in the background while her giant left-hand fist dominates the image.

A red and white image of a fist grabbing and destroying the Nazi swastika symbol, which is crumbling into pieces.

A black and white image of a fist created with thick, calligraphic paint-strokes. The image stops after the rolled up portion of a sleeve.

A cartoonishly large fist pops out of a skinny wrist, drawn in a realistic style with shading. The image has half-tone texture and is pink.