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Happy Sham In-Nassim

Sarah Farahat

Hey all, just wanted to share a little graphic I did for Sham In-Nassim: an ancient Egyptian spring holiday more than 4,000 years old which celebrates the overflowing of the Nile river, rich with silt to cover the land with nutrients from upstream. This beautiful water flows all the way from sources in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea. Each spring, the day after Coptic Easter we gather in parks, on farms, on any small piece of land available and share a simple meal of fresh bread, hardboiled eggs, green onions and picked fish called “fiseek” Of course the many dams create both political and ecological changes to the river and much of the fertile land in Egypt is becoming desertified because the Nile no longer overflows in the same way it did before the dams went in. My prayer on this very sacred holiday is for the waters flowing through Africa to be fresh, healthy, honored and celebrated. It’s good to join the Justseeds Collective in this wild time of rebirth, recreation and renewal. May you all be healthy, safe and cared for.


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