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I Get It From My Mama

Celebrate all mamas everywhere! This image is adapted from Melanie Cervantes’ original design for Forward Together’s Mamas Day postcard project:

Popular images of mothers exclude mamas based on their sexual orientation, race, income, immigration status and more. And Mother’s Day, one of the biggest commercial holidays in the United States, often reinforces traditional ideas of family and motherhood that there’s only one way to be a family.

“Mamas Day” was started to celebrate the contributions of all mamas , and to work for recognition, rights and resources of all families.

Melanie’s design references the Radical Monarchs, a social justice troop creating sisterhood among young girls of color working for social transformation.

This image can be found in Be the Change! A Justseeds Coloring Book, co-published with Radix Media.

Radio 2050

Radio 2050

January 19, 2009

DJ Aztec Parrot and Elida Margarita Bautista of Berkeley KPFA’s Radio 2050 invited Jesus Barraza and I (Melanie Cervantes) to do a radio interview about our political artwork. We talked…