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Improvised Water Filters

This drawing explains how to make three types of low-cost water filters, and addresses simple water disinfection techniques. It is part of Essential Knowledge: a series of instructional drawings teaching basic skills for success in challenging situations, and is also included in the Wellspring portfolio.

<Graphic by former Justseeds coop member Colin Matthes. Colin quit Justseeds in 2018, his work can now be found at>

A text-dense poster showing different D.I.Y. filtration systems with some small illustrations throughout. A partial excerpt of the text states: “Improvised Water Filters. We need water and we need to drink clean water. Water filters are important tools to minimize the chance of getting all fucked up from drinking questionable water. Here are few ways to filter questionable water. 1. Purification Straw. 2. Tree Branch Water Filter. 3. Sand Filtration System.”