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Megafauna Not Megaloads!

If you’re paying attention to the horror-story that is the continued development of tar-sands infrastructure in Canada, then you’ve heard about the megaloads. These are enormous shipments of equipment destined for the tar-sands projects, moving through Pacific Northwest ports and up small highways into Canada. There’s been some pretty fierce opposition to these shipments, which is ongoing. The Nez Perce and Umatilla tribes have blockaded roads, activists from Oregon, Idaho and Montana have locked down to the machinery to prevent it moving, and more people are joining in. You can read about some of the opposition on the website of Portland Rising Tide. I made a graphic for the campaign, which you can see above, and you can download a high-resolution copy of to print out and put in your window by clicking on that image and then right- or function-clicking to download.
A 2-color print that I made of the image will be available in the Justseeds store soon!


A linocut image in black and white featuring a large elk, or moose, with head lowered and straddling a small image of a megaload, an 18-wheeler flatbed truck pulling a huge piece of machinery. The elk glares down at the vehicle, blocking it with its hoof. Above the animal, a huge cloud shape which is the background to the hand carved text, “MEGAFAUNA, not megaloads.”

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