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Operation Recovery

Justseeds Collaboration

Printed Matter published the Artists & Activists Pamphlet Series between 2008 and 2012, as part of their publishing program that was engaged with social activism. These modest format publications offered artists and collectives a space to address some of the social and political concerns of our time and critically examine the concept of art and activism. Operation Recovery was one in a series of twenty, these publications were distributed for free at the Printed Matter storefront and included in mail-order packages. This was a collaboration between Justseeds and IVAW, based on the Operation Recovery/Operation Exposure street action, and highlighted some of the art created for these actions.

Pamphlet design by Josh MacPhee. Series design Garrick Gott. Artists: Mary Tremonte, Alec Dunn; Kevin Caplicki, Pete Railand, Jesse Purcell, Nicolas Lampert.

ORGANIZERS: Aaron Hughes and Josh MacPhee

PUBLISHER: Printed Matter, 2011

36 page zine