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Justseeds Collaboration

All around the world, people are rising up to take action for climate justice and stop the money pipeline. If we stop the flow of money then we stop the flow of oil. 

In this kit are some resources to make strong visuals and art to carry our messages and make our actions stronger and more visible. Making art together is also a good way to involve people and build community. 

Art Kit Link:

In the art kit you will find:

  • Sign Designs (Downloads and Tips)
  • Songs, Chants & Music
  • Painting Flags & Banners
  • Parachute Banners
  • Stencils for Signs & Flags
  • Street Murals
  • Group Photo Tips

Work by justseeds artists Aaron Hughes, Fernando Martí, Josh MacPhee, Paul Kjelland, and Sanya Hyland