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Police & Resistance Graphics from Reproduce & Revolt

Justseeds Collaboration

Way back in 2007, Favianna Rodriguez and Josh MacPhee assembled and published a book that collected of over 500 political graphics from 100 artists from around the world — Reproduce & Revolt/Reproduce Y Rebélate. All of the art was granted by the creators to the public domain, to be freely used on political posters, flyers, and campaigns. We’ve been meaning to post those 500+ graphics up on our graphic downloads page for awhile, but can’t seem to ever find the time.

Regardless, here is the first batch, 35 images about the cops and resistance to them. The images were created by Joey Alone (US), Dada Antonio (Mexico), Sue Simensky Bietila (US), Rebecca Bughouse (US), Tom Civil (Australia), Eric Drooker (US), Nicholas Ganz (Germany), Clifford Harper (UK), Theodore Harris (US), Sanya Hyland (Mexico), Rico Lins (Brasil), Josh MacPhee (US), Patrick Martinez (US), Estria Miyashiro (US), Richard Mock (US), Claude Moller (US), Not My Government (US), Cristy Road (US), Erik Ruin (US), the Taller Popular Serigrafia (Argentina), Rocky Tobey (Canada), and Vomito Attack (Argentina).

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