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Restore Harmony Con La Madre Tierra

I was invited to create a poster for the People’s Climate Movement. You can download images from me and my friends who also create images here:

Human beings are facing a moment of global crisis whose outcome will decide the future of our planet. The power to make decisions that affect multiple generations of people, animals and the natural environment throughout the world has long been concentrated in the hands of a few people. Decisions are being made for the economic benefit of corporate interests that serve shortsighted visions driven by economic greed.

Now, frontline communities made of Indigenous peoples, people of color in the Global South and North are forced to confront the devastating effects caused by the disharmonious practices symptomatic of capitalism. Drilling for oil and fracking are polluting the water systems, industrialization is producing tons of carbon emissions that are destroying the atmosphere and together they are responsible for cataclysmic changes to the environment. False solutions like “clean” coal, nuclear power and the commodification of the air are pushed as the ways out but only increase the dependence on destructive processes. The irony of this moment is that the frontline communities whose time tested methods for maintaining balance and harmony between life and the natural world are the key holders of the solutions to the massive global challenges we are facing.

Radio 2050

Radio 2050

January 19, 2009

DJ Aztec Parrot and Elida Margarita Bautista of Berkeley KPFA’s Radio 2050 invited Jesus Barraza and I (Melanie Cervantes) to do a radio interview about our political artwork. We talked…