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Seguimos Tejiendo La Memoria

In solidarity with the people of Guatemala. In solidarity with the pueblo Ixchil. Let no one deny the loss the people suffered because of a genocide imposed by the State of Guatemala which was backed by the Imperialist U.S. They CANNOT wash their hands of the blood. These injustices shall NOT be denied. We will always remember. The land will always remember.

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A colorized photograph of a crowd of people protesting, among them older women and men who hold up fists and carnation flowers. They wear traditional embroidered Mayan blouses. Below them, a line of small black and white photographs, the images of the disappeared, young men and women. Text in Spanish, in teal color against dark red, states, “Seguimos Tejiendo la Memoria. Si hubo Genocidio!

Reflections of Healing

Reflections of Healing

September 28, 2014

Join me at the Oakland Museum of California for the public unveiling of Reflections of Healing, a large-scale art installation created by artist and educator Brett Cook with participation from…