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Stop Line 3 Care Package

Justseeds Collaboration

Justseeds artists from across the continent designed graphics for the movement to #StopLine3. 

Today, Wednesday, February 17, the movement to Stop Line 3 has organized an Art Storm and they are asking you to help mobilize art on social media. Use graphics in this care package or create your own “Stop Line 3” art and then post and share on social media with the below hashtags to help spread the word.

Line 3 is currently under construction—violating treaty rights, risking over 200 bodies of water with the threat of an oil spill, and reversing progress made in the fight for climate justice. President Biden recently revoked federal permits for the Keystone XL pipeline, and he can do the same for Line 3 and halt construction with the stroke of a pen.

Biden has the power to stop this pipeline that will carry nearly a million barrels of tar sands per day through untouched wetlands and the treaty territories of Anishinaabe people, through the Mississippi headwaters, and to the shores of Lake Superior. Now is the time to show the strength of the opposition to this illegal project and demand a stop to Line 3. 

MN350 and allies are leading an escalating campaign against this pipeline and fighting alongside an Indigenous-led frontline resistance in northern MN. Lawsuits against Line 3 have been filed by many opposing groups, including sovereign Indigenous nations, yet construction on the ground is accelerating by the day. The dangers of COVID-19 and drastic escalation we’ve seen from local law enforcement against Indigenous water protectors continues to emerge across media platforms. If we are loud enough, Biden will have no choice but to hold true to his ambitious climate and racial equity promises and Stop Line 3. 


Hashtags: #StopLine3 #NowDoLine3 #BidenStopLine3 #HonortheTreaties #WaterisLife #ActOnClimate


Artists: Sanya Hyland, Sarah Farahat, Josh MacPhee, Roger Peet, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Zola, Pete Railand, Sanya Hyland, Aaron Hughes, Eric J. Garcia, & Andrea Narno