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Stop the Raids

Oree Originol

Image by Oree Originol

Migration Now! was a 2012 print portfolio co-produced by Justseeds and CultureStrike (CultureStrike is now part of the Center for Cultural Power) which explored the social, cultural, and emotional facets of immigration.

Born in Los Angeles, Oree Originol is a self taught artist who explores geometry, ancient symbolism, and the imagination in his art work. Influenced by Pre-Columbian iconography remixed with his contemporary interpretation of the universe, Oree constructs hypnotic patterns using shapes and structures. His complex arrangements interpose triangles, circles, and other shapes with solid colors to develop vibrating relationships of space, giving his compositions an infinite life of endless possibilities. Oree currently resides in Oakland, California where he has been merging his art practice with social justice movements, including immigration.

Original’s print calls attention to the immigration raids conducted by ICE that devastate families and terrorize communities. After workplace raids started to receive negative media attention, ICE began to raid homes instead in order to inhumanely arrest and deport undocumented parents, students, and children.

This page is currently a placeholder while we to track down the original high-res files of the images from this portfolio (06/2020)

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