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Turtle Island

‘Canada’ and the ‘United States’ Are in Turtle Island

When making this design Eric J. Garcia referenced ‘Canada’ and the ‘United States’ Are in Turtle Island by Steven Newcomb. The article begins, “North America is traditionally known to the the Indigenous nations as Turtle Island. It is typical to refer to our respective nations and peoples as being “in” Canada or “in” the United States and therefore as being deemed subject to the jurisdictions of those two political constructs called “states” in international law. What we seldom express, however, is the more profound point that those two Western European political constructs are on and in Turtle Island, as North America is traditionally known to the Original Nations of Turtle Island.”

Eric J. Garcia blends history, contemporary themes and a graphic style to create politically charged art that reaches beyond aesthetics. To see more of his work and follow him visit his website:

An angry turtle face breaks off the top of an oil well tower, or oil rig, that has been built on its large protruding shell. Words above, and integrated into the broken form of the oil well, state: “TAKE BACK!” “TURTLE ISLAND!” is below.