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Greetings from the Outside: Cards for Prisoners

May 9, 2008

It’s hard to believe that almost a year has passed since our friend Daniel McGowan has been in prison. I’ve kept in touch with Daniel, and also have come to realize through his encouragement and by attending bi-weekly political prisoner letter writing dinners, that it is really important to reach out to other political prisoners/pow’s/and activists who are incarcerated. Many continue to struggle and to be involved in movements both on the in and outside.

Over the winter I went to a gathering to make holiday cards for every political prisoner who is serving time in the U.S. and it became quite an assembly line! It inspired me draw the image to the right for a greeting card for any occasion that can be sent to our comrades, friends, and family whether they may be political or social prisoners. Hopefully I’ll have them available soon.
Also, I sadly want to note that Eric McDavid was just sentenced to 19 years and 7 months. Take the time to write to Eric, and please check his support site for letter writing guidelines:
MCDAVID, ERIC X-2972521 7E128
Sacramento County Main Jail
651 “I” Street
Sacramento, CA 95814


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