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Help Our Bloomcraft Building Become More Accessible!

February 19, 2018

In October of 2016, Justseeds moved into Bloomcraft: a collectively-managed building in Pittsburgh which is now home to some amazing local groups and artists! The Glitterbox Theater, 1Hood Media, the Prevention Point Pittsburgh office, Prototype, The Good Peoples Group,¬†Babyland Collective, Stonefruit Community Herbalists, Accessible Recording, White Willow, the Little Idea, Source Pittsburgh Acupuncture… seriously, it’s an incredible cast of unique and powerful projects.

BUT: Bloomcraft is in an old rehabilitated industrial fabrication facility (the Blumcraft ornamental aluminum company’s HQ). Buildings like this were never constructed with physical accessibility as a priority, and retrofitting them to today’s standards takes a lot of money and work.¬† That’s what we’re up to right now, and Bloomcraft is seeking donations to help us get through the first phase of the process! Check out our campaign below to find out more!


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