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August 15, 2006

With several projects in the works and a massive benefit gallery show just behind us, Visual Resistance is in the red. While we’ve fundraised for other groups or friends in the past, we’ve never used this site to ask donations for VR projects. So, if you like what Visual Resistance does and can spare a few dollars — or more! — please consider clicking the button below:

The main upcoming project we’re involved in is the long-awaited publication of Street Art Workers‘ 2006 posterbook on Land and Globalization.
Street Art Workers (SAW) is a national network of some of the best printmakers and street artists working today. This year’s campaign is a major step forward for the group, as it’s their first foray into mass production. The end result of nearly a year´s work will be 3,000 sets of a gorgeous, two-color, newspaper-sized booklet of 25 posters from artists from over 20 cities in 10 countries!
In other words, SAW is producing almost 65,000 large posters for free distribution around North America and beyond. If you want to see these posters on the walls of your city, help SAW and VR out by chipping in.
Below is a sneak preview of six of the 25 posters from this year’s campaign:


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2 comments on “Help Visual Resistance”

Keep throwing the wrenches that will liberate our minds, so that we inturn can play with the wrenches. Now Little League makes cents!!!!Thanks BORF

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