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How to Make Trouble and Influence People

October 22, 2009


Iain McIntyre and Breakdown Press have joined forces to release a book length collection of the greatest hits of Iain’s long running zine How to Make Trouble and Influence People. It’s fully rewritten, reedited, full of new material, and beautifully designed by Tom Civil (I’ve had a sneak peak, it looks awesome!). I’m hoping to get some of these babies over here for people in N. America to check out, but in the meantime, have look at the new Trouble website HERE, and Breakdown Press HERE.
“These tales and images also serve to remind us that political activity need not be a predictable and grim slog. As well-resourced as our opponents may be, they are vulnerable to the use of creativity, solidarity, and humour. Indeed, these are often the only tools we have.”


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