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IAS Lexicon Series Kickstarter

November 24, 2011

I’ve been having fun designing a new pamphlet series for the Institute for Anarchist Studies called “Lexicon,” which consists of short essays by different authors laying out definitions of political terms. The idea is to help create a baseline knowledge amongst people so that we can have more productive political discussions and actions. The idea was born out of the early days of the Occupy movement, going down to Zuccotti Park and participating in political conversations with total strangers that were exhilarating, but also deeply frustrating, largely because of a lack of common understanding of some of the most basic building blocks of political theory.
I’ve been getting really into creative pattern generation lately, and the covers of this series are a great opportunity to practice that, and have a good time while doing it! We’ve got the first four pamphlets written, the first three designed, and a handful more in the works already. The IAS just needs a little cash to get them printed (at a movement printer). There’s a kickstarter up and running to fund the first 4 in the series, check it out and support it if you can! Check it out HERE.


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One comment on “IAS Lexicon Series Kickstarter”

These are great Josh. As a regular at events/fairs/protests with Katipo Books there’s always a need for a basic ‘101’ series on things. We get asked for a Feminism one all they time, so I hope you do that too (and then Katipo will snap up the series, for sure).

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