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If You’re Looking for More News on Gaza

January 6, 2009

I am discovering more online sources for news and opinion about the ongoing aggression against the people of Gaza by the Israeli government.

Tales to Tell-From Gaza is a blog updated by a volunteer with the ISM Gaza group that is documenting the Israeli attacks on Palestinians. This involves visiting hospital patients, bereaved families, and sites of attacks, and making reports on these for the ISM website among others.

I just received an email today from a Palestinian-American poet, via a friend, in it were many links to articles, including:

Guernica In Gaza tells the story of how the writer, Vittorio Arrigoni, arrived in Gaza. Originally published in Italian at Il Manifesto.
Ilan Pappe, Israeli scholar, now head of the History Dept at
Exeter, published Israel’s righteous fury and its victims in Gaza on Electronic Intifada. it offers a sense of how Zionism, the ideology and the facts on the ground of it, is at the heart of all political and military action taken by the state of
Marcy Newman is an educator, scholar, an activist and a witness. Her blog Body on the Line is an incredible warehouse of information with an insane number of links to other locations.
Naji Ali’s weekly podcast, Crossing the Line:Life in Occupied Palestine, introduced by Mumia Abu Jamal, invites different people to talk about all things related to Palestine.
Jennifer Loewenstein’s article Israel’s Attempted Endgame in Gaza on CounterPunch an analysis of the latest incursion, within a framework of what life is like for the people in Gaza.
Sarah Roy’s piece If Gaza falls . . . in the London Review of Books was written before
these attacks even began. A commendable job of explaining the state of
emergency Gaza has been under, since the siege on it’s ports and
freedom of movement. Most of the people have been hungry, sick,
without water or electricity for months, for years. She also has an article, Israel’s ‘victories’ in Gaza come at a steep price
in the Christian Science Monitor.

Here is a 9 minute video of the aftermath of an Israeli attack.

I imagine this to be a very different scene than the remote locations where “Hamas'” Qassam Rockets fall.
You can also follow these links to more info:
Institute for Middle East Understanding
Gaza Siege


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