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In the Spirit of the Living and the Dead

November 6, 2010


Artists Javier Pescador, Gabrielle Pescador, and Jesús Barraza.
Dignidad Rebelde: In the Spirit of the Living and the Dead
MSU Museum
25 October – 23 November
This past week, fellow Seed Jesús Barraza spent the week as an artist-in-conversation at Michigan State University. The brief residency was organized to coincide with the opening of Dignidad Rebelde’s exhibition “In the Spirit of the Living and the Dead.” I curated the exhibition at the Michigan State University Museum as part of a Day of the Dead Initiative. If you around Michigan, come check it out.
As you may know, Dignidad Rebelde is the two-person collaboration between Jesús and Melanie Cervantes, another member of Justseeds. According to the artists, “We recognize that the history of the majority of people worldwide is a history of colonialism, genocide, and exploitation. Our art is grounded in Third World and indigenous movements that build people’s power to transform the conditions of fragmentation, displacement and loss of culture that result from this history. Visualizing these movements means connecting struggles through our artwork and seeking inspire solidarity among communities of struggle worldwide.”
Click through for more images of the exhibition and opening night activities.


Jesús Barraza working with students.

Jesús describing his process to university students.

Jesús speaking at the opening.

Strong Chicanas sitting below Dignidad Rebelde portraits of a strong Mexicana, a powerful Indígena, and an amazing Chicana.

Chicago artist Guillermo Delgado teaching community how to make “pocket ofrendas.” That cool kid is my daughter Reina.

Emilio Torrez and his nephew Joaquin.

Veterano artist Jesse González enjoying his evening.

Historian Javier Pescador and activist-professor Estrella Torrez lighting the ofrenda.

Anishinaabe activist Don Lyons and his ofrendita.

Little seedling Reina after her danza.


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