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Inauguration posters & links

January 18, 2005

The cruel absurdity of Bush’s November triumph will be hitting overdrive this Thursday. With military-grade security preparations and a series of celebrations with decidedly Orwellian themes, it’s seems appropriate that the two artists whose posters we feature here are both experts in dark humor.
The first set of posters are not specifically related to the inauguration, but they might as well be. The good folks at Un Mundo Feliz / A Happy World sent these to us a while back:

The second set of posters is from D.C.-based Mike Flugennock:

For more information on counterinaugural protests, check out, Turn Your Back On Bush, and Anarchist Resistance. For breaking news during the inauguration, keep your eye on DC Indymedia.
Previous entries on counterinaugural posters, see here and here.


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