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Interview with MaryMack on the Papertrail Interview Series

February 19, 2010

There’s an interview with Justseeds Member Mary Tremonte over at the Paper Trail Interview series site.
interview with mary mack tremonte

mary is a zinester, deejay, & artist living in pittsburgh. interview originally posted august 18, 2009.
how did you get involved with zines/d.i.y. publishing?
i am one of many women who came of age in the early 90’s and discovered zines through Sassy magazine! i started ordering zines & tapes & records by ladies after reading reviews in there. a crucial discovery was Action Girl, a newsletter of reviews of zines by ladies, i started making my own zine with my buddy leah early on sophomore year (this was 1993). zines gave me a way to connect to like-minded folks in other places—i had a very active pen pal life all through high school, it really saved me from feeling alone and gave me a big outlet for art and ideas.
Read the rest of the interview at Interview series

the paper trail interview series was launched in january 2006, in conjunction with my now-defunct (as of january 2010) zine distro, learning to leave a paper trail. i came up with a fairly wide-ranging set of ten basic questions about zine creation, zine culture, the creative process, history, advice, & philosophies, & started sending the questions around the zinesters i worked with through the distro. they answered & i posted their thoughts on the distro website.

when i started the interview series, i expected that most folks felt the same way i did about most zine-related things, but the interview responses i got back opened my eyes. i was surprised & impressed with the scope & variety of answers, & it was fascinating to learn about other zinesters’ creative routines & hear their thoughts about zine culture & community. the interviews were popular with folks who ordered from me, & with zinesters that answered the questions. some zinesters used the interviews they did for other projects, in zines, books, & expanded CVs. when i closed down the distro, a lot of people asked what would happen to the interviews. i decided to post the archives here, & to continue sending the interview questions around to zinesters i know.
interviews will be posted on mondays & wednesdays (assuming i can stick to the schedule). when i post an old interview from the archives (i have several dozen),


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One comment on “Interview with MaryMack on the Papertrail Interview Series”

thanks for posting this kevin!
sadly learning to leave a paper trail just ended their distro, as she says…it was one of the best ones out there!



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