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We Are Irreplaceable: #NoBanNoWall

February 5, 2017
‘To Allah we belong and to Allah we return’ is a rough translation of the dua said at someone’s death. Blessed is this temporary cycle. We are part of a long lineage, a history of others who have dreamed us into being (as Walidah Imarisha puts it in the introduction to Octavia’s Brood). We are ourselves complete and also part of this larger whole and while we are impermanent, we are irreplaceable. Remember that you have the hands of ancestors at your back, and the duty to dream of the generations ahead of you.”
Jordan Alam, Founding Editor of Project As-I-Am
1. We Are Irreplaceable (47.5×68″, Bus Stop Ad Size) and (24″x34″)
2. Our Ancestors Dreamed of Us (26×50″, Phone Ad Size) and (17″x32″)
 These graphics are created by queer migrant artist, Jess X. Snow in collaboration ​with queer Muslim activist Jordan Alam. Featuring the migration of birds and fierce water buffalo from Bangladesh, they are available for free use for bus stop ad takeovers, as posters to protest the muslim ban and to illuminate the brilliance of queer muslim women in the light of recent events surrounding Trump’s plans to build a larger border wall and criminalize migration and block the journeys of muslim refugees. The sizes are 47.5″x68″ and 24″x34″. We encourage you to resize and print as you see fit.
Use hashtags #WeAreIrreplaceable and #NoBanNoWall and credit the artists @jessxsnow and @jordanalam.
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One comment on “We Are Irreplaceable: #NoBanNoWall”

So grateful for this work! Intending to hang in an office at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Berea College. Thank you!!

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