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It Been 2 Years

July 27, 2008

Two years ago Visual Resistance organized an art show and benefit, If They Come For You in the Morning, for our friend Daniel McGowan. Over 100 artists from the Street Art and Graffiti community donated artwork in support of Daniel and to raise awareness about the Federal campaign against dissent in the USA. Daniel was arrested and charged for acts of property destruction.
The Benefit was very successful, hundreds of folks came out to ABC No Rio and a community of artists directed their efforts against the criminalization of protest.
Since the “If They Come For You In the Morning” art show Daniel has gone through legal processes, negotiated a plea, and was sentenced to 7 years. He has been incarcerated since July 2, 2007 and is serving out his sentence. Daniel was just recently “found in civil contempt for his refusal to answer questions before a grand jury.” This, unfortunately, means Daniel will be spending more time incarcerated. The “clock” on his sentence has been stopped while he goes through this rigamarole.
I write this as a reminder of what kind of power our art can have, it can be multifaceted, beyond plastic toys, photo books, and solo shows.Thanks all of those that participated and supported the If They Come For You in the Morning, ABC No Rio and numerous others!
To learn more about Daniel, why he was arrested and his case, go to A current address where he can receive letters is updated when necessary.
Flicks from the show can be found on Flickr , fafodmcg


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