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IVAW and mud stencils

October 29, 2009


Iraq Veterans Against the War have adopted mud stencils in their tactics! It has been inspiring to see how the technique that Jesse Graves popularized through his website has been employed in social justice campaigns, ranging from prison issues to environmental issues to anti-war struggles.

“Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans For Peace held a living memorial to honor the sacrifices made by all those killed or wounded in war. The memorial highlighted the hundreds of thousands of veterans waiting for or denied benefits from the Veterans Administration. It also payed tribute to the untold number of civilian deaths and the millions of displaced people, overwhelmingly comprised of women and children, by war.


During the memorial IVAW members used mud to stencil the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial in Pittsburgh. The mud was a metaphor for the way in which veterans and all victims of war that have been historically and currently are treated like dirt while others profit.
Jose Vasquez, Executive Director of Iraq Veterans Against the War stated, “We have come to Pittsburgh during the G20 summit because economic structures across the globe have failed. They do not work for the average person and bring about war through competition for scarce resources. We refuse to give our lives or take the lives of others for the profit.”
(photos by John Orlando. text from Aaron Hughes)


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3 comments on “IVAW and mud stencils”

I don’t see that happening. Are the police going to bust kids for writing with chalk on sidewalks? Bust people for getting dirt from their garden on the street? Dirt is water soluble and is not permanent so laws against graffiti do not and should not apply to it.
Plus, if any harassment does occur, it is a chance to demand ones right to free speech and challenge city governments. People need to constantly do creative actions and take to the streets to force these issues.