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IVAW protest recruiting stations in Madison with Mud Stencils

March 18, 2010

IVAW taking mud stencils to the recruiters in Madison, Wisconsin from Dan S Wang on Vimeo.

Dan S. Wang has shared some incredible video footage of an IVAW mud stenciling action in Madison, Wisconsin that took place on March 17th, 2010 – the anniversary date of the bombing of Baghdad. Aaron Hughes, along with Madison IVAW chapter members Todd Dennis and Nathan Toth, placed anti-war mud stencils at the front doors of military recruitment stations in Madison.

The video ends when the cops show up. Aaron Hughes led the talking, engaging the recruiters and the cop, who also happened to be a vet. The crew got away after leaving name and phone #s, but also taking the cop’s name and badge #.
Mud stenciling is a public/street art technique perfected by the Milwaukee artist Jesse Graves and has been used successful in campaigns by TAMMS Year Ten, Wisconsin Books to Prisoners, students groups, IVAW, and others.


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3 comments on “IVAW protest recruiting stations in Madison with Mud Stencils”

Bravo! The sergeant was unusually respectful and sympathetic… bravo to him as well. I hope there’s no fallout for him from his superiors.

Great way to acknowledge the anniversary.
Its necessary to be reminded of the ongoing occupation and its need to enlist more human bodies to sustain it.
I liked the rapport that they had with the Sargent, the amicable dynamic is refreshing to see with folks taking such contrary “positions”

What I *love* about this protest:
-its active,
-its creative & artistic,
-its focused,
-its *pacifist*
-its *non-permanent damaging*…
which means, it is harder to spin into an inditement against the protesters/community educators as ‘violent thugs’ worth arresting, beating or simply dismissing as ‘foul criminals without respect for public collective or personal efforts’
well done!
Spread Love,
“We, Two, form a Multitude”