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Jamaa al-Yad: Revolution Until Victory

October 30, 2019

A new project has been launched by the international pan-Arab collective Jamaa al-Yad:

“This project is based on a call for artwork from the Institut du Monde Arabe. The question they are posing in a new collection of books to be published by l’Edition du Seuil is as follows:

The very first issue of the publication “The Arab Worlds” seeks to decorticate the notion of the Arab world itself. Does the Arab world still exist? Has it ever existed?

We answer: “yes”! For most in the realm cited, this question remains quite existential, reflective of barely existent privilege. To ask this question is to pose oneself outside of the world being queried or discussed, setting up an inherent contradiction. For this project, we would like to answer this question by documenting those who, by virtue of being “of/in” this world, carry forward traditions, cultures, symbols, lived life, and resistance. They answer this question daily, day in and day out, in endless actions that unite Arabs among themselves but also which bridge out to others, and create the vibrant cultures and societies manifesting as Arab.”

More information and all the work produced so far can be found HERE.

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