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29: Spanish Civil War Publications

October 25, 2010

A couple years back I was checking out a Robert Capa exhibition at the International Center for Photography in NYC and they had a small backroom with an auxiliary exhibition of publications produced in Spain during the Civil War/Revolution in 1936-39. The material was extremely interesting and a great insight into modernist design in Spain, and the amount of resources thrown toward propaganda in a time of scarcity. It was a small portion of a much larger show entitled Revistas y Guerra 1936-39, originating at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina SofĂ­a in Catalunya. There was a very expensive exhibition catalog produced for the original show, but it was shrink-wrapped, and I was afraid to spend the money. I eventually went back and got it, and I was definitely not disappointed! It’s almost 400 pages of publication covers and design, some of the most interesting and innovative illustration, montage, and in particular typography. Now, for those that can’t find or afford the book, there’s a great website that catalogs many of the highlights of the exhibit, check it out HERE. The images in this entry are just a small sampling of what’s on the site, which itself is only a small sampling of what is in the print catalog. There is more information about the magazines on the website.

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One comment on “29: Spanish Civil War Publications”

The new ICP exhibit is incredible! They do such an incredible job of contextualizing the work of photojournalists with the mediums their photos come out in while providing contextual information of the time period that produces the situations being captured.
If you’re in NYC check out the Mexican suitcase and Cuba in revolution exhibits!
Theres a sprinkle of old publications like the ones above, great stuff!

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