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Judith Supine wheatpastes at recruitment center

December 6, 2005

Link to video: Judith Supine wheatpastes at recruitment center
Political collage artist Judith Supine sent word of an impressive postering job at the Times Square recruitment office. You can check out a short video here. We asked about the inspiration for the action, and got this succinct response:

to quote e.e. cummings “there is some shit I will not eat”

If you’re not familiar with Judith’s work, check out her/his flickr page. The collages are always well-placed and seeing them in person is a real treat: their construction is delicate and subtle while the content still packs a real solid punch. Wonderful stuff.
There’s a ton of great activist groups doing counter-recruitment work right now. The American Friends Service Committee has an informative collection of essays, and Citizen Soldier highlights the realities of military service, and Leave My Child Alone is a new campaign to protect high school students from intrusive and deceptive recruitment tactics. The Indypendent’s CounterRecruiter is also a good resource for news on anti-recruitment activism.


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7 comments on “Judith Supine wheatpastes at recruitment center”

her work is so amazing. one if not the most interesting “street artist” there is
at the moment.. in love with her provocative work.

We are loving her work — it’s a treat to discover new pieces each day in our neighborhood. Who needs galleries — take it back to the street!!

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