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Jura Books Needs a Poster!

August 9, 2008

Our friends over at Jura Books, one of Australia’s longest running anarchist book shops and community centers, are holding a poster contest! On top of being a book store, Jura also holds one of the best political poster collections in Australia, they’ve been collecting posters about different Aussie political struggles since they opened their doors. In order to promote themselves and raise money and awareness for their poster collection, they are looking for someone to design a new Jura Books poster. The full details are here:

Calling all imaginative and talented artists and activists! Could you or someone you know create a political poster that can stand alongside the great political posters of the past, and is also meaningful and relevant to the future?

Jura Books is looking for artists of all ages, styles and levels of experience to submit entries for a political poster design competition. The general theme of the poster should be to explore some aspect of the past 30 years of radical struggle in Sydney, and/or imagine what you would like the world to look like in 30 years time. The poster must also celebrate Jura Books in some way – past, present and/or future, and include our website or street address somewhere on the poster.

Jura Books has been operating as a center for social change and innovation for 30 years, and we currently combine a bookshop, library, food co-op and organising space. Over the years we have supported a vast range of political collectives and struggles – feminist, youth, enviro, art, publishing, workers control, and many more. We have put on hundreds of events, from film nights and punk gigs to political actions and worker organising conferences. Jura is also home to one of Australia’s best political poster archives.

The poster design competition is about commemorating this history, and also building towards an even better future. The entries will be exhibited at Jura and we will produce 1000 copies of the winning design. The winner will also receive a book prize pack valued at $100, as well as the satisfaction of helping a worthwhile cause, and eternal fame/notoriety. The winning design will also be used to help promote Jura Books and raise money so that we can pay off our mortgage, make Jura environmentally sustainable and properly care for the political poster archive.

More details
* Competition closes on 30th September 2008.
* You can submit as many entries per person as you like, in whatever style you wish. Bring entries into the shop in person, or send them to PO Box N32, Petersham North, NSW 2049, or email them to
* The general theme of the poster should be to explore some aspect of the
past 30 years of radical struggle in Sydney, and/or imagine what you
would like the world to look like in 30 years time. The poster must
also celebrate Jura Books in some way – past, present and/or future. The name Jura Books must appear somewhere on the poster. Either our website ( or our street address (440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham) must also appear on the poster somewhere.
* The size should be A2, and ideally able to be reproduced digitally without significant loss of quality.
* Colour is a great idea, however bear in mind that some subtleties of colour may be lost in digital reproduction, so simple and dramatic colours and shapes usually work better than complex or intricate colours and shapes.
* At the discretion of the Jura Collective, entries recieved may be exhibited, used to promote Jura, and placed into the poster archive at Jura, unless other arrangements are agreed between the artist and the Jura Collective before submission.
* The winner will recieve a book prize valued at $100. This will include a $50 book voucher and $50 in stock that we will send you. There will also be a certificate.
* 1000 copies of the winning design will be produced by the Jura Collective. Of this, 500 will be premium quality, and 500 will be of lesser quality. Of the 500 premium quality copies, 100 will be numbered and signed by the artist – these will be used to fundraise for Jura Books. Another 50 of the premium quality copies will be given to the artist. Another 100 of the premium qulaity copies will be sold in the Jura Bookshop. Another 250 of the premium quality copies will be distributed to anarchist collectives internationallly. The 500 copies on cheaper paper will be put up around the streets of Sydney.
* In keeping with the anarchist politic, please consider this a friendly competition, or better yet a mutual collaboration in clebration of political art! The Jura Collective looks forward to exhibiting and admiring all submissions in their diversity. Everyone should feel welcome to participate! And we reserve the right to share the prize and production between more than one entry if we wish.


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