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Justeeds Portfolio 2010: Resourced-Earth Day Preview

April 24, 2010

Here are some pictures from our Justseeds Earth Day exhibit. We used the occasion to preview 14 new designs for the upcoming Justseeds 2010 Portfolio: Resourced. The one night exhibit was at the Times Up! Brooklyn bike space, 99 S6th St.



Pete Yahnke and Gaia’s contributions


Kristine Virsis, Kevin Caplicki, and Tom Civil enjoying a beverage after hanging the show.
Extra thanks to Times Up! for offering us the space and chance to show this work!


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2 comments on “Justeeds Portfolio 2010: Resourced-Earth Day Preview”

Thanks for all your hard work on this Kevin! The show looked great, the portfolio images are starting to really come together as a unit, I’m excited about how this project is going to turn out!
The people I talked to that night were really into it.