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Justseeds featured on RLTE Site

November 7, 2007

Art from the Justseeds Coop is featured this month on the website Rejected Letters to the Editor. An interesting project, RLTE is a collection of letters to the editor, op-ed pieces, and editorial cartoons that have been submitted and rejected by the press. The goal is to publish this material in order to illustrate a much broader spectrum of ideas than we get in the mainstream news. The editors of the site can explain it best themselves:
“In the press, “Letters to the Editor” and “op-ed” pages silently assert that journalism includes a place for the voice of the public. But inconvenient truths are too often absent. Visionary thoughts are too rarely heard. Proposals for democratic social change and improvement are, for the most part, out of sight. Rejected Letters to the Editor, an independent online magazine, is designed to provide an important, if only partial, corrective. It is available to readers at no cost.
Our goal at Rejected Letters to the Editor is to expand the visible spectrum of ideas. To publish letters, etc., that will broaden public discussion beyond the boundaries set by the gatekeepers of our mental environment. We hold to the democratic conviction that public opinion must be educated by, and conversant with, the course of human events, and we will seek to publish work that allows essential perspectives, presently unacknowledged by respected newspapers, to see the light of day.”
So there you have it, check out the site, check out our art, and dig up those letters that never got published and send them in.


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