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Justseeds prison portfolio project

October 8, 2008




Recently, Justseeds has completed a portfolio project for the Critical Resistance ten-year anniversary conference in Oakland, California that took place on September 26-28.
The project involved twenty artists from the US, Canada and Mexico who each created an original print that either critiqued or addressed alternatives to the prison-industrial complex. Each artist pulled 100 prints and the amazing JS crew at the Portland distro assembled the portfolios and created the covers that are displayed in the photos.
The point of the portfolio project was to donate work and to share graphics with groups working against the prison-industrial complex. In the end, each portfolio included the 20 prints plus a cdr with copy-right free TIFF files of the images (plus other anti-prison images from the recent book Reproduce and Revolt (edited by Favianna Rodriguez and Josh MacPhee.)
Justseeds donated the bulk of the portfolios to Critical Resistance and 30 other groups who are organizing against prisons.
In late November (once the groups have already had the opportunity to possibly use them as a fundraising device) Justseeds will have a limited number of portfolios for sale on our site.
Much thanks to all the artists and the organizers who donated their time and energy to the project. A number of plans are set for the prints to be exhibited in the late Fall/early Winter and we will keep you posted when dates for the shows are announced.


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5 comments on “Justseeds prison portfolio project”

I think think is an absolutely wonderful show of support and solidarity. Big Kudos to all involved.
William Thomas
National Community Outreach Facilitator
“National Public Service Council To Abolish Private Prisons”
Check out and support this petiton

a friend just sent me the link for your awesome website. i coordinate a community initiative in hawai`i working to confront injustice, racism, and a bursting prison population, mostly composed of nonviolent drug offenders.
in march of every year, we have a human rights day and i would love to display the works you referred to. Am I too late to receive a display?
Mahalo (thank you).
Kat Brady, Coordinator
phone: (808) 533-3454 cell: (808) 927-1214
76 North King Street #203
Honolulu, Hawai`i 96817