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Justseeds Space 1026 Collaboration

July 21, 2008


I’ve uploaded a handful of flicks, on the Justseeds flickr account, of the collaborative installation at Space 1026, called Out of the Shell of the Old. If you get the chance this is the last week that it will be on view in Philadelphia, so get over there!
There’s also some previous photo posts here on the blog by Colin , of the install and myself, twice
If you have visited it, I’m interested in any feedback you have, there’s a whole comment field below. I really enjoy working collaboratively and on installations. I’d like to make them successful, in many ways. I hope they can contextualize the work, as well as communicate something larger. Im not sure how well we’ve accomplished that in Space 1026, mostly because I haven’t reflected on it much, and all of my collaborators are on the other side of the ether.
Well its our first, and definately not my last!


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