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Justseeds/TaringPadi Anti-LNG print

May 24, 2010

Take a look at some of these photos of the printing session we had yesterday in rainy Portland. People came over to help jump up and down on the giant block, in the traditional Taring Padi manner… This print is part of a collaboration with the Indonesian print group Taring Padi, addressing issues of natural gas exploitation on both sides of the Pacific. Next up, the Northwest Natural shareholders meeting on the 27th!





More Pictures Here! Pictures by Amy Harwood. Thanks Amy!


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One comment on “Justseeds/TaringPadi Anti-LNG print”

This shit is fucked up! How the hell do you get a clean print that big?! How many did you print? I’m always losing my head trying to find a big press here. I need some classes. A tutorial?

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