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Liberation Banner Project

August 10, 2009

i recently completed a residency at AS220 in Providence, RI. during my month there I worked on a large-scale but intricate banner project. the first three weeks were entirely spent hand-cutting 6 feet of rubylith silkscreen film! i then printed a small initial edition on fabric. three of these were then incorporated into an installation in the window of the Dirt Palace in Olneyville Square.
photos of the work in progress are available here.
the intention behind these works is to provide a lending library of banners on the theme of Liberation that are available for temporary use in activist events, rallies, protests, etc. i eventually hope to produce 3 such designs. some initial funding for this was provided by the Puffin Foundation.
i’m super-excited about the potential of this project & wanted to reach out to all of my virtual friends. here’s how you can help, if you’re interested-
1. request a banner for an event, conference, protest,, etc. that you’re involved with. requesters are responsible for the eventual return of the banners and shipping (if outside the philly area)- i hope to be able to eventually procure the necessary funds to negate that last part.
2. in order to procure the necessary time & supplies for this project, i’m attempting to sell a small number of the original edition of 12 banners. due to the price (right now i’m thinking of selling them on a sliding scale of $250- 1000) and extreme rarity of these items, i will most likely not be offering them for sale on the Justseeds site, so please send me a message here or at if you’re interested..
3. arrange for a showing of this work!
thanks & take care,
photo by Kevin Caplicki


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