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Lumpen Protest Poster Issue

September 16, 2020

Our friends at Lumpen Magazine in Chicago put the call out for a new special Protest Poster issue. They wanted to create a series of posters for community members to put in windows, wheat-past, and hang on walls. Justseeds members Nicole Marroquin, William Estrada, and Aaron Hughes, responded to the call with graphics that lift up local and national demands for racial and social justice.

Nicole Marroquin, Reimagine, 2020

Nicole Marroquin’s pastel colored graphic calls for the reimagining of security, safety, and Chicago schools without police. The work echos the calls for divestment in policing and investment in community needs declaring, “schools as communities of care” and “spending 33 million dollars to prevent trauma and address its root causes”.

William Estrada, Protect Communities, 2020

William Estrada’s bright text based design proclaims, “Protect Native Black Asian American Latinx | Caribbean Immigrant & Refugee Communities”. The poster insists on the community defense that movements for racial justice have long called for and enacted.

Aaron Hughes, DE-MIL-I-TA-RISE, 2020

Aaron Hughes’s design calls for an uprising of the movement for demilitarization. The design amplifying the message of the new youth organization the Dissenters who are leading their “generation to reclaim resources from the war industry, reinvest in life-giving institutions, and repair collaborative relationships with the earth and people around the world.”

Lumpen Magazine Political Poster Issue Index

In addition to the posters by Nicole, William, and Aaron the issue contains three dozen 12.75” x 19.5” posters made by over twenty-five artist including: Adi Goodrich, Alex Hupp, Alvaro Illizarde, Christopher Dazzo, Clay Hickson, Dale Zine, Die Shop, Derek Weber, Drew Ryan, Eliza Weber, Firebelly, FTSNYN, Hayley Grimes, Kathleen Borkowski, Liana Jegers, Michael Freimuth, Noel Mercado, Ray Noland, Reuben Kincaid, Ryan Duggan, Savithri Velega, Shapes & Colors Dept, Two Tone Comix, Zach Halfhill, and Zipeng Zhu.

The Editorial Team for the edition was Louie Capozzoli, Jeremiah Chiu, Ed Marszewski, and Drew Ryan. And the issue was designed by Louie Capozzoli and Jeremiah Chiu.

Lumpen compiled the collection of posters to amplifying the messages emerging from the streets, demonstrate solidarity, and incite action on multiple fronts. Order a bundle of 20 copies or a single issue through Lumpen today before they are all gone. Order yours here.

Lumpen Magazine Political Poster Issue

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