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February 16, 2005

Today the Wooster Collective featured an amazing project called M-City:

M-city in a first place is a play with the form and space of the city, played on the walls, posters, billboards, stickers and in the virtual world. All of the pieces of M-city — there is about 100 of them — were made as stencils […].
The architecture of the town is in a sense a promotion of groups of people who work together for society. These include independent media, charities, non-governmental organisations, off theatres etc. Most of the project realisations are on especially chosen walls and matching the historical or architectural context of the surroundings. People on the stencils are mostly author’s friends or people involved in some local social activity. (source).

The whole project seems like both a loving tribute to the artists’ home cities, and a utopian reimagining of the same. Check out the whole site. My favorite gallery is the buildings; there are anarchist squats, castles, bike repair shops, an Indymedia office building, factories, Food Not Bombs headquarters, and more…. The people are amazing, too.


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